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Membership in IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu is by invitation only. Invitations are emailed to all eligible students once each Fall and Winter semesters. Read our FAQ to learn how to qualify.

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Why should I join IEEE-HKN?

Joining Eta Kappa Nu broadcasts to the engineering industry ones caliber and academic excellence. Having an association with IEEE-HKN is more than another bullet point on a resumé; it’s a history of leadership, accomplishment, and initiative. Membership opens the doors to networking, service, and leadership opportunities and is highly valued among employers. There are more details in the Benefits section of the website.

More reasons to join IEEE-HKN:

  • Employers around the world recognize the designation of HKN and understand that IEEE-HKN members are of the best candidates and are well-rounded, articulate, and community minded.
  • Network with the top students at major universities.
  • Access to key university decision makers for references, research, graduate school and beyond.
  • By sharing a tradition with nearly 200,000 IEEE-HKN inductees worldwide, this network will help develop your education, career, and professional growth


There are a variety of services offered by Eta Kappa Nu both at the chapter level here at BYU and at the international organization level. These include:

  • Peer mentoring from current or former BYU students
  • Mentoring from current industry professioanls
  • Resume reviews from peers
  • Industry connections, submit your resume to our resume book and to the HKN job board

As our chapter continues to grow, so will the number of services we are able to offer. You have an opportunity to be a part of that growth!


The Zeta Eta Chapter is at the start of a large expansion of activities. As we strive to bring more value to students, helping to build connections with industry and increase interaction between students and the department, we’re going to need a lot of help! As we begin new initiatives, we will be seeking many who are willing to serve in an appointed presidency position. We can’t do this alone; we need you! Not only will there be many opportunities to serve fellow students and the local community, but leadership experience (especially in such a prestigious society) is frequently sought after by recruiters and graduate schools. You can read our roadmap to learn more about the direction the Zeta Eta Chapter is heading in right now and you can visit the chapter leadership section to learn about leadership positions.

Fall 2018 IEEE-HKN Inductees

These electrical and computer engineering students at Brigham Young University became members of Eta Kappa Nu in Fall 2018.