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As a member of IEEE Eta Kappa Nu, you unlock a myriad of resources for yourself. In addition to prestige and benefits of being a HKN member, you also gain access to all the resources and networks available to IEEE members worldwide for one year (student membership in IEEE is only $30 per year each subsequent year).

HKN Benefits


Being a member of HKN sets you apart from the rest of your class. Including your membership on your resume can help you stand out to potential employers! Additionally, HKN members can proudly wear the stole with the cap and gown at graduation.

Industry Connections

Include your resume in our chapter Resume Book. Additionally, attend special networking events, informational sessions, and dinners hosted by HKN.

Leadership Opportunities

There are a myriad of opportunities to serve and lead a project with IEEE-HKN. These are fantastic resume builders!

Skill Development

We frequently host personal development activities.


Attend workshops put on by HKN! In the past, these have included presentations on preparing for graduate school, how to get an internship or job, etc.


Give back to the school and community by being involved in service projects we organize and sponsor.

IEEE Benefits


As the world’s largest technical professional organization, IEEE opens up to you a huge network of like-minded professionals both in your own discipline and spanning many others. Many local IEEE members are also willing to mentor students and help them connect with industry.


IEEE has partnerships with different companies, allowing students to get discounts on all sorts of items from textbooks to insurance.


Stay current on up and coming technologies and trends! IEEE members have access to IEEE Spectrum and other magazines.

Technical Societies

One of the biggest strengths of IEEE is its technical societies, smaller subgroups of professionals within certain specialties that often hold events or run publications. No matter what you’re interested in specializing in, there is a technical society for you!

There are many other benefits. Visit their site to find more.